I’ll admit, I wasn’t the coolest kid in high school. The nerdiness was apparent when I was assigned a paper in class; I would be obviously excited (far too excited). The cool thing to do was to act indifferent or annoyed.

The topic of the paper didn’t matter. Each time I sat down to research and write, I experienced a dizzying, heart-buzzing feeling that I still can’t shake.

I found my purpose, my passion.

This fervor, plus a lifelong love of listening to people share stories, developed into a burning desire to build my life around writing and reading, hence my English degree. To secure a position as a writer, I studied broadcast journalism and began my career as a news anchor and multimedia journalist at Fargo, North Dakota’s ABC affiliate WDAY-TV (queue the “ya’sure, you betcha” jokes).

There, I created feel-good features and investigated hard-hitting news which included impactful flooding, tornadoes, death investigations, bomb threats and elections. Once, I was really brave and submerged myself in freezing water to demonstrate the dangerous effects of hypothermia (you should see how hilariously red my skin became during that piece). The best part of working as a broadcast journalist was that I became skilled at conducting thoughtful interviews and creating simple, emotional stories.

Then everything changed.

In 2013 I became engaged, and my then-fiance and I moved to Two Harbors, Minnesota (population 3,666) on the north shore of Lake Superior, seeking to surround ourselves with nature.

I continued my career path as a corporate communications specialist at a regional IT firm, and I’ve since transitioned to a local advertising agency, where I work as a copywriter with a group of wonderfully talented, silly, co-workers who I adore.

Importantly, when I moved to Minnesota I kicked off my freelancing career (hurray!), beginning with Northern Wilds, a magazine that spans from Duluth, Minnesota to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The publication is excellent and a must-read for those who love the North Shore.  I’m thankful to still work with them today.

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Please check out my resume, broadcast journalism clips, or freelance portfolio.

Otherwise, here are some fun, random tidbits about me — so you can get to know who I really am.

  • As a teenager, I worked at a zoo and taught kids about corn snakes. That meant I meandered the zoo with a snake wrapped around my neck, worrying the heck out of my mother.
  • I once interviewed Dan Rather, Nick Clooney, Bob Schieffer, and other notable journalists for a short documentary I produced on the broadcasting legend, Eric Sevareid.   #lifegoals
  • I have a chronic pain condition. It requires constant management, and if you’ve read my essays or other nonfiction work, you’ll likely see hints of this condition and its side effects peek through.
  • I did a lot of soul-searching in my teens and early 20s, as we all have, trying to find myself. I experimented with my look quite a bit – perhaps too much? I went through phases as a hard rock fanatic, a pierced emo who sported skeleton-themed clothing and rainbow hair highlights, and a hippie with flowing skirts, a penchant for folk music, and performance-level hula hoop skills (I taught this at the college gym). I’m a bit more leveled out now, but I still like to keep things a little fun and spontaneous.

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