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    Hi, I’m Kelsey!

    Freelance Multimedia Journalist and Writer

    Do you remember when it hit — that lightning bolt, holy-cow moment when you decided that you absolutely had to publish an outdoor magazine for a living, or start that technology business you dreamed about?

    My experience was more like a building storm.

    I’ve known for a while now that writing holds an incredibly important place in my life. There was one problem — it’s really hard to figure out exactly how to pursue your passion in a way that’s right for you.

     When my lightning bolt hit, I became consumed with building my freelancing business. My writing was ready; I had years of writing experience, a talent for conducting thoughtful interviews and a knack for storytelling.

    At that time, I wasn’t ready to become an entrepreneur. I had no idea where to begin, or what to do about those weaknesses that could interfere with business ownership, like my lack of accounting skills (it’s true, I struggle in this area).

    I gathered my favorite people to serve as mentors — partners I could trust. With their extreme patience and guidance, I’m able to live my passion and continue to grow and thrive as a freelance multimedia journalist, copywriter and social media manager.

    I’m here to be that partner for you — to fill in the gaps for your business.

    Maybe you need articles that will attract your audience’s attention, captivating essays that elicit emotion, immediate videos of breaking news, or straightforward, journalistic photography. Perhaps your business is ready to reach more customers through clear, digestible blog posts, eye-catching advertisements or thorough public relations.

    I’m here to help.


    My Work

     My Mission

    My mission is to give your readers a reason to pause. I craft fresh, relevant, and engaging articles that encourage your audience to stop, think, and share with their friends! Let’s work together to boost your brand’s reputation.


    What I Do

    I’m a passionate writer, and my work is a representation of who I am at my core — enthusiastic, professional, insightful and unreserved.

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    My Skills

    Multimedia Journalism 98%
    Copywriting 92%
    Social Media Management 89%
    Photography 86%


    My Commitment To You

    Trust is the most important aspect of a freelance partnership. You need to know that I will keep my promises, and have your back. Freelancing means that we share a common goal as partners — and I’ll treat you like one.

    Here’s what you can expect from working with me.


    • I guarantee my work will make sense to your target audience. I’m skilled at breaking down complex information into something readers can understand.
    • I’ll capture your audience’s attention by sprinkling emotional and sensory language into my work – to keep readers hooked and help your message resonate.
    • I will continue to be invested in your business, even after our project ends. We’re in this together.
    • I will be open and communicative with my clients, turning in projects by deadline, owning up to my mistakes, and quickly sharing relevant information.
    • I am committed to journalism, the search for the truth, and professional development in my field. I am a proud member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Outdoor Writers Association of America, Freelancers Union and Lake Superior Writers to keep my connection to the industry strong.



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